Ferrolip® Forte

Ferrolip® forte is a food supplement based on microencapsulated iron pyrophosphate, vitamin C, methylfolate (active form of folic acid) and vitamin B12. Ferrolip® forte is made using a technology that allows high bioavailability and tolerability of iron in the stomach. From the formulation of Ferrolip® in orodispersible stick packs, an even richer and more powerful formula was born, Ferrolip® Forte. A complete and useful formula in all cases where iron supplementation is required. Thanks to its new composition it becomes an even more suitable product for women who are planning a pregnancy, pregnant or breastfeeding. Available in single-dose orodispersible powder formula with a pleasant lemon flavor.


Nutritional Information1 stick-pack%NVRs*
Iron30 mg214%
Vitamin C60 mg75%
Folate400 mcg200%
Vitamin B122,5 mcg100%

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