Our Sustainability project

Our Sustainability project

Since U.G.A. Nutraceuticals was founded in 2005, the quality of our supplements has been our top priority. But it’s not just purity and concentration that concern us; we have a deep commitment to sustainability in everything we do.

When it comes to choosing our business partners, we ensure that we only collaborate with those who operate sustainably, respecting the environment and human rights. We strongly condemn the exploitation of resources and labor because we believe that a successful business should go hand in hand with social responsibility.

Over the years, we have obtained significant certifications that demonstrate our dedication to producing high-quality and sustainable supplements.

These certifications are crucial for two reasons:

they showcase our commitment to sustainability and quality goals,
and they help consumers make informed decisions and trust our company.


  • We firmly believe in the importance of divulgation and education to promote widespread awareness of sustainable resource use. We actively support projects and initiatives aimed at informing and engaging consumers, highlighting the consequences of waste, and emphasizing the importance of making responsible choices.


  • We are convinced that only through strong education can we stimulate a change in mindset and promote long-term sustainable behaviors. We want to be a point of reference for consumers, providing clear and transparent information about our commitment to sustainability and inviting our customers to join us in this important mission.

U.G.A. Nutraceuticals is a company specialized in omega-3 fatty acid supplements, and we have a strong commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation. Our mission is to promote the culture of pharmaceutical-grade Omega-3 to improve health.

We carefully select our suppliers and raw materials, ensuring high-quality products at affordable prices and providing reliable service. We are deeply committed to sustainability and constantly seek innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste.

Our supplements come from sustainable fishing practices, contributing to the preservation of the marine ecosystem. We use FSC-certified packaging materials sourced from responsibly managed forests.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and strive to maintain recognized quality standards. Our strategies include increasing market share, listening closely to consumers, ensuring prompt deliveries, supplying controlled products, and fostering the growth of our staff’s skills.

You can find the complete quality policy here.

Our Certifications of Sustainability

Friend of the sea

Friend of the sea

Friend of the Sea is presently a venture of the World Sustainability Organization, an international non-governmental organization (NGO) with the objective of advocating for environmental conservation.

This organization has emerged as the foremost certification standard for products and services that demonstrate a commitment to preserving and safeguarding the marine environment.

This certification ensures that our supplements are derived from sustainable and legal fishing processes, carefully selecting fish caught in the wild instead of sourcing from aquaculture. In doing so, we protect the marine ecosystem and offer our customers products of the highest quality.

Farm-raised fish can be a lesser source of Omega-3 due to their limited diet. Often, they are fed with feeds containing xenobiotics such as hormones or antibiotics, which is something we want to avoid at all costs.

The fish oil we use in our Omega-3 supplements comes from fatty fish like salmon and tuna. This allows us to make the production of our Omega-3 supplements even more sustainable by utilizing byproducts of the fishing industry that would otherwise go to waste. We take pride in contributing to a circular economy, reducing waste, and doing our part for a more sustainable future.

Marine Stewardship Council

Marine Stewardship Council

It’s a certification that certifies sustainable fishery that has met the MSC Fisheries Standard. Businesses handling these products have met our Chain of Custody Standard, so the customer can be confident that the seafood is from a sustainable source.

Sustainable fish stocks

Fishing must be at a level that ensures it can continue indefinitely and the fish population can remain productive and healthy.

Minimizing impacts

Fishing activity must be managed carefully so that other species and habitats within the ecosystem remain healthy.

Effective fisheries management

MSC certified fisheries must comply with relevant laws and be able to adapt to changing environmental circumstances.

International Fish Oil Standards

International Fish Oil Standards

The IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) certification is a prestigious recognition that attests to the purity and quality of the fish oil present in our supplements. For us, this certification is very important because since the foundation of U.G.A. Nutraceuticals, our goal has been to make high-purity Omega-3 food supplements accessible to everyone. Thanks to this certification we can ensure that products like Omegor Vitality meets the highest standards of purity, concentration, and quality on each batch.

Trust and Credibility

Third-party certification builds consumer confidence.

Quality Assurance

Third-party certification ensures consistent product quality.

Market Differentiation

Third-party certification sets your brand apart from the competition and showcases your product as a premium brand.

Forest Stewardship Council

Forest Stewardship Council

As the pioneer of forest certification, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sets the standard for responsible forest stewardship. Their open and transparent standards include safeguards to ensure that stakeholders throughout the forest supply chain live up to the principles that protect healthy and resilient forests for all, forever.

FSC certifies that our packs are sustainable and come from well-managed forests, controlled sources or recovered materials.

Their policies unify a diverse set of stakeholders around common guidelines for forestry that are:

Environmentally appropriate

Maintain, conserve and/or restore ecosystem services and environmental values of the Management Unit, and shall avoid, repair or mitigate negative environmental impacts.

Socially beneficial

Contribute to maintaining or enhancing the social and economic wellbeing of local communities.

Economically viable

Efficiently manage the range of multiple products and services of the Management Unit to maintain or enhance long term economic viability and the range of environmental and social benefits.

The Vegan Society

The Vegan Society

Over time, we have designed products to answer to the needs of those who choose a healthy lifestyle, preferring vegan and vegetarian diets. We have created Omegor Veg a 100% vegan product that has obtained Vegan Society certification.

Vegan Society certification has been helping people identify vegan products since 1944. In fact, it is the oldest and most authoritative vegan certification in existence. Consumers can easily recognize a product developed with specific criteria:

No animal derivate

The production and development of the product, and therefore also its ingredients, must not involve the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative.

No animal testing

The production and development of the product, and therefore also its ingredients, must not involve tests of any kind on animals carried out on the initiative of the company or on its behalf, or by subjects over which the company has an effective control.