VITADHA® Orange 150 ml

VitaDHA ® Orange is a food supplement of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA Plus®) derived from purified and deodorized fish oil.
The DHA Plus ® of VitaDHA ® is highly bioavailable because it is in the form of triglycerides that are easily assimilated by the body. This product is designed to satisfy people who need higher amounts of DHA to compensate for deficiencies in their diet or who have an increased need for that nutrient.


VitaDHA ® Orange is a delicious liquid formulation with a flavour of orange that is specifically designed to please both children and adults.

Adults , Kids
Antiaging , Growth , Wellness


General population. Specifically designed for children from 3 years old.

Health Benefits

Omega-3 DHA and EPA: are the fundamental constituents of cell membranes and precursors of a class of cellular messengers called eicosanoids, which play a crucial role in the regulation of many physiological functions. DHA is the main omega-3 fatty acid contained in the photoreceptors of the retina and the nervous structures. At a functional level, DHA plays a substantial role in the mediation of biochemical processes that allow the transmission of signals between neurons. Clinical studies have shown that deficiency of DHA in the diet can lead to reduced brain levels of dopamine and its receptor that may occur with a decrease in attention and learning ability.


DHA: contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function and vision with a daily intake of 250 mg* (5 ml VitaDHA®).


* Commission Regulation (EU) 432/2012 of 16/05/2012


1 bottle of 150 ml, 1 month’s supply

Recommended dosage

5 ml/day

Shelf Life

2 years

Average content Per 5 ml
Total omega-3s 1450 mg
DHA 1035 mg
EPA 275 mg