RestoraFlor™ junior

RestoraFlor™ junior is a unique formulation that combines 5 billion cfu* of the most clinically studied probiotic strain, the L. Rhamnosus GG (ATCC n. 53103), with ORS electrolytes, specifically designed for the prevention of dehydration and the support of the digestive system of children as per the guidelines of ESPGHAN.

RestoraFlor™ junior is packed in unique Twinactive® double chamber sachets that ensure stability of its actives and comes with a pleasant taste of raspberry that children love.

Infants and children from 1 year of age.
Health Benefits
In cases of diarrhea and vomiting the body loses uids, important salts and nutrients and the natural balance of the bacteria in the intestines can also be disrupted. RestoraFlor™ junior combines 2 actions in a single sachet:
  • optimal amounts of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG (ATCC n. 53103) - 5 billion cfu* - the most clinically studied and safe probiotic strain, to promote the balance of intestinal bacterial ora
  • ESPGHAN compliant formulation of electrolytes (ORS) containing sodium, potassium, chloride, citrate and sugars that ensure optimal rehydration and restauration of the uids and minerals lost.
The innovative packaging in Twinactive® sachets, with two separate rooms, avoids the interactions between salts and probiotics and provides stability otherwise impossible in a unique dosage form. RestoraFlor™ junior is easy to use with a raspberry avored powder that dissolves easily in a cup of water or baby feeding bottle (200 mL) and tastes great.
12 Twinactive® sachets.
Recommended dosage
1 -4 sachets per day. Dissolve the content in 200 ml of water and mix until dissolved.
Shelf life
2 years
Nutritional Informationfor 2 sachetsfor 1L%NRVs*
Osmolarity226 mOsm/litre
Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG10 billion CFUs**25 billion CFUs**
*Nutrient Reference Values ** Colony Forming Units. Content in living cells refers to the product properly stored.

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