Fluor is a mineral needed for tooth mineralisation and is of essential importance in the early years of life and in school age, during the teething phase.

Fluor@Day™ offers a practical and pleasant way to supplement the children’s diet with the recommended amounts of fluor.

Health Benefits
  • Fluoride: fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in water and in many foods. Fluoride contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralization*.
  • Fluor@day™ drops can be used from the first months of life before the beginning of tooth development and throughout the growth period to fortify teeth and prevent tooth decay and Fluor@day™ chewable can be used during growth phase to fortify teeth and prevent tooth decay.
    * Commission Regulation (EU) 432/2012 of 16/05/2012
  • Drops: bottle of 20 ml with gravimetric dropper, 40-80 days supply.
  • Chewable capsules: 60 chewable tablets strawberry flavored, 1 month supply.
Recommended dosage
  • Drops: children - up to 3 years: 5 drops of 0.25 mg of fluoride; over 3 years: 10 drops equal to 0.50 mg of fluoride.
  • Chewable capsules: 2 chewable tablets.
Nutritional Informatiodaily (2 tablets)% NRVs*
Fluoride1 mg28,6
Nutritional Information10 drops% NRVs*
Fluoride0,50 mg14
*Nutrient Reference Values

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