Discover our 2021 new products presented at CPhI 2021 in Milan

Milan, November 2021 – U.G.A. Nutraceuticals took part in the CPhI International Exhibition to showcase its new product launches and meet distributors and international clients.

The company showed its complete portfolio of omega-3 formulations tailored to the different lifestyles and phases of life, along with innovative recently launched products.

As a specialist in the omega-3 category, U.G.A. Nutraceuticals has developed a broad range of products, targeting specific needs and leveraging the benefits of fish, krill and vegan algae oil:

  • General well-being and sport (under Omegor® brand)
  • Cholesterol and triglycerides management (under Cardiol®, Meaquor®, Endoplaq® brands)
  • Woman health, pregnancy and lactation (under VitaDHA® and Ferrolip® brands)
  • Children’ health, from newborn to school-age (under Omegor®, VitaDHA®, Ferrolip® and Restoraflor® brands)
  • Brain wellbeing, memory (Omegor® and VitaDHA® brands)
  • Skin and beauty from within (Omegor® and Ferrolip® brands)

The products are distinguished by a level of quality among the highest in the world for purity and freshness, as shown by the IFOS 5 stars certifications (see

Moreover, unlike the most common supplements of fish oil, U.G.A. Nutraceuticals uses omega-3 in the triglyceride form, natural or concentrated by molecular distillation and esterification in triglycerides at levels of 90% and higher.

Several studies have shown that omega-3 triglycerides are up to 70% more bioavailable to the human body compared to an oil in the far cheaper form of ethyl esters. This is a fact for the great benefit to the consumer, who is always at the centre of the research of U.G.A Nutraceuticals and whose mission is to make the supplementation of quality omega-3s accessible to all walks of life.

The new products presented at CPhI Worldwide in Milan included:

  • VitaDHA Brain, a food supplement of omega-3 DHA and EPA, choline and vitamins, in “soft chews” flavored with lemon and passion fruit, formulated to support the cognitive development of kids.
  • Vision Kids BLUE LIGHT, based on Lutein and zeaxanthin, Bilberry, Vitamins and Mineral salts in a tasty chocolate candy covered with a delicious, sweet lid. This innovative dosage form has been chosen to favor the daily intake in pediatric age, providing the well-being of the child’s sight
  • Omegor Classic Cod Liver Oil, which has incredible health benefits because it contains four important nutrients: omega-3 (EPA/DHA) and vitamins D, A and E. Omegor® Classic Cod liver oil is purified and flavored, with a pleasant taste of lemon and natural herbs that has been awarded by the International Taste Institute.
  • VitaDHA Orange & VitaDHA Herbal, liquid supplements of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA Plus®) derived from purified and deodorized fish oil, available in two different flavours (Orange and Natural Herbs) to please both adults and children’s tastes.
  • FlavOmega, a patented and clinically tested nutritional supplement, based on flavonoids and omega-3 fatty acids. The clinical data have shown that FlavOmega® improves muscle functionendurance and physical performance after exercise, and it is able to prevent muscle catabolism.

U.G.A. Nutraceuticals S.r.l.

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